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New Guest Editors

Meet our new guest editors for Study in Stockholm!

Meet our new Guest Editors for Study in Stockholm: Michelle, Tetiana, Silvia, Neggi, Valerija and Stefanie. They are international students living in Stockholm and will be sharing inspirational photos, producing videos for Youtube, and writing blogs about their personal experiences in Stockholm. Be sure to follow us on @studyinstockholm if you don’t want to miss all the exciting content that they will be coming up with!

Michelle Pretorri Lemke

About Michelle
Michelle is a Master’s student from Brazil, studying Analytical Chemistry at Stockholm University. She has just arrived in July this year, and can’t wait to explore the best places that Stockholm has to offer.

Tetiana Poliakova

About Tetiana
Tetiana is from Ukraine and a student at the Karolinska Institute. She is studying Master’s Degree in Biomedicine and have a huge passion for helping others in need.

Silvia Lopez Prieto

About Silvia
Silvia comes from Spain, and is studying International Master’s Degree in Political Science at Stockholm University. She was an aupair for a year, living together with a Swedish family, and can speak pretty good Swedish!

Neggi Khalessi

About Neggi
Neggi is British Iranian and is studying Dentistry at Karolinska Institutet. She loves to make short films and wants to inspire people to follow their dreams.

Valerija Denaityte

About Valerija
Valerija is from the Netherlands, and studying Master’s Degree in Global Media Studies at Stockholm University. She is passionate about content creation and is always up for a challenge.

Stefanie Kleemeyer

About Stefanie
Stefanie is from Germany. She is studying Master’s Degree in Engineering Materials Science at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. She wishes to promote Stockholm and inspire people to try things that they are afraid of.

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