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Man with backpack standing in narrow alley street in Old Town Stockholm

A Stockholm weekend on a student budget

By: Diana Carrillo

When visiting one of the most expensive cities in the world, who would be better than a student to give you advice on living the city on a budget?

I’m Diana, a Master’s student from Mexico and if you are here for a weekend, I suggest you the following places to make the most out of your visit.

Ithink one’s journey should always start with a visit to the centre, so grab your breakfast early at your hotel — or student corridor room — and prepare yourself for a free walking tour around the city. Free Tours Stockholm offers a two-hours visit in English starting from 10:00 am. After that, run a little bit to the Royal Palace because you will find the Changing of the Guard ceremony starting at 12:15pm, you cannot miss this one.

Soldier standing beside an old cannon at the Royal castle in Stockholm

Changing of the Guard ceremony

After standing for more than two hours, I’m pretty sure the only thing you are craving is food. As we save a little bit with the free tour, we will treat ourselves with traditional food at Zum Franziskaner (one of the oldest restaurants in Stockholm!). It seems to be a pub but they also offer really tasty meals. After that you can take a look at all the souvenir shops in Västerlånggatan.

If you arrive between April and November, you can end your Saturday with the very special Swedish tradition of fika on the Café Tram departing from Norrmalmstorg. You can jump on the train for a small price and drink nice coffee and try very delicious pastries while enjoying the view of the busiest parts of Stockholm City. But if you are here from December to March, my recommendation is the ice skating rink in Kungsträdgården. You can rent ice skates for a small amount of money and enjoy the ice rink, it is totally free! In the surroundings there are also local vendors offering warm coffee, chocolate and kanelbullar.

For Sunday, we will save ourselves for a more modern type of Stockholm. You can start the day with the subway stations tour. The subway company offers one, but why not give it a more exciting and adventurous touch by leading it yourself? All you need is a subway map and your subway card and off you go! After that long bustle, we will leave the subway a little a try the tram to got to a very nice spot in front of Skansen. Lilla Hasselbacken has very delicious dagens for a small price. You should definitely try some köttbullar. It is a must!

2 photos side-by-side showing colorful public art

Subway art

We will end our day visiting the second-hand shops in Södermalm, because, who does not like shopping? Also it is really nice to find old things that once belonged to some one else and give them a new life. Also, it is very sustainable purchase! In this same area is one of the best cafés in Stockholm. So, once you finish digging up all that variety of goods, take a final break at Drop Caffe. It is a really small place but very cozy with the best aroma in Stockholm. Give it a try, there is not such thing as ‘too much fika’.

Thank you for reading and hope you ‘spend’ a charming weekend in Stockholm!

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