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10 Apps to Improve Your Life in Stockholm

By: Tetiana Poliakova

Our generation has definitely mastered the use of smartphones in everyday life. Thankfully, there are many apps to make our life easier. Here is my pick of 10 free apps you should download as a student in Stockholm.


SL – Journey planner and tickets

iOS, Android

I know, I know, this is an obvious one, but if you have not downloaded this app yet, what are you waiting for? It allows you to buy single tickets (including your trips to Uppsala), plan your journey and check for transport disturbances. Although, I find SL to be (mostly) a reliable public transportation system, it is always good to check for updates before going places.

SL ArtGuide

iOS, Android

Whether you are new to Stockholm or not, this app is a must if you want to learn more about the world’s longest art gallery, also known as Stockholm tunnelbana. There are over 20 metro stations presented in this audio guide, so explore to your heart’s content.


iOS, Android

One of my favorite things about studying in Stockholm is an opportunity to conveniently (and sustainably!) travel to a bunch of other European countries and the rest of Sweden. Swedish Railways (SJ) offer student discount! My personal favorite tip is to check their budget travelling calendar as well as last-minute tickets.

Student Discounts


iOS, Android

Who does not like student discounts? I definitely do take advantage of those almost on daily bases either when buying coffee at my favorite coffee shop or travelling to a different city. Studentkortet is available in both English and Swedish. So, download this super user-friendly app, send in your study certificate and enjoy a magnitude of student discounts.


iOS, Android

Mecenat is another student discount app. It is only available in Swedish, but if you know some basic Swedish, it is quite easy to navigate. And hey, the more discounts, the better.


Learning Swedish

iOS, Android

This is an official app developed by the Swedish Institute for beginners. The cool thing is that you can use the app offline, and it provides material for learning Swedish in a logical manner starting with the alphabet all the way to more complex sentence structures.


iOS, Android

This app is perfect for anyone who already has some basic knowledge of Swedish but wants to improve in a fun and layback way. Språkplay contains many video materials from Swedish Televisions company and YouTube to explore the well-transcribed Swedish vocabulary. It is like watching Netflix and learning the language at the same time.



iOS, Android

It is 6pm on a Wednesday night, and you just came back home after a long and exhaustive day at school. Let’s face it: you are probably too tired to cook, but also too broke to afford to go out. Karma allows you to purchase surplus food at participating cafes and restaurants at a half price! It is a way to avoid cooking, save money, and be sustainable at the same time!

Let’s Deal

iOS, Android

This app has a variety of categories of places you can find deals from, but I mostly use it for restaurants and cafes. Do you want to get a meal at a nice restaurant with over 50% discount? Then, this might be a good place to start.



I have just learned about this app recently myself, but if you like food trucks, this is a must. It allows to locate food trucks around Stockholm and many more places. Do you want to know if there are any food trucks around campus on any given day? Are you stocking a particular food truck because you loved their food once? Then, don’t forget to download StreetKäk.