Student finance

Student finance

Student finance – student grants and loans

The Swedish Board of Student Finance, Centrala Studiestödsnämnden (CSN), is your go-to source for financial matters while you are studying in Sweden. CSN makes it possible for newcomers in Sweden to finance their studies each year.


There are, however, several requirements that you need to fulfil, either these are basic requirements or refugee requirements.

Granted that you tick every box of the requirements above, you are entitled to CSN, which, apart from university studies, could also cover the following:

As with most services in Sweden, you can apply to CSN in either paper form or using Bank ID. You can read more about the application process here.


Even though you do not need to show any results the first time you apply for the CSN aid, you do need to receive a certain amount of credits to continue to be eligible for it.


Scholarships are another way to finance your studies in Sweden.

The Swedish Institute (SI) awards several scholarships based on your study level. You can find more information and see if you are eligible to apply here.

Stipendielistan offers stipends for studies, music, and art, as it directs you to a variety of foundations that offer financial aid.


Always remember to contact the university to which you are applying as they can give you more information.