Jobs and internships in Stockholm

Jobs and internships in Stockholm

Jobs and internships in Stockholm

It can be both daunting and tedious always having to look for ways to be productive and get by financially in your new hometown. Dwelling upon this challenge, we decided to compile a list of helpful websites and tips, which will, hopefully, help you in your pursuit of work. Check them out below!

The Local

This is a great resource for newcomers to Sweden and Stockholm. Not only can you stay up to date with current affairs in Sweden in English, but you can also search for jobs and internships in all fields and cities in the country.


Creating a free account with Graduateland gives you access to their database of internships in Sweden. On top of it, you can also get job alerts for relevant jobs, a free CV creator, and the opportunity to be reached by employers.

Academic Work

As ‘Home of the Young Professionals,’ Academic Work is devoted to helping the youth find work opportunities in Sweden. Even though their website is in Swedish, you can always search their database for jobs in English as well.


Being Sweden’s largest work intermediary, Arbetsförmedlingen can help you towards finding a job by both giving you access to their platform to check open positions, and assigning you a personal contact person who can assist with any questions you may have.

Your Living City

On this website, you can find tips about anything Stockholm related; including internships opportunities. Everything is in English, so it’s a great guide for your first endeavors in the city!


We do not need to stress the importance of having a LinkedIn account in general. However, we do need to stress it specifically for the Swedish job market. A lot, if not everything, is done through networking and LinkedIn is one of the best tools to do so. Get yourself a LinkedIn account, if you don’t already have one, and start connecting with professionals in your industry. You won’t regret it!


Remember that you can always contact your university’s student union. They can possibly guide you and help you on finding work-related opportunities. Additionally, always remember to check the events page as they often organize career fairs and related talks.