5 things I wish I had known about Stockholm

5 things I wish I had known about Stockholm

Hej alla! Hope your year has got off to a good start! It’s good to be back here in Stockholm again. Even though I truly enjoyed spending the holidays in Finland. My first post is based on my own and my friends experiences of living here. Hope some of you guys find this useful!

  1. Finding accommodation can be hard

Last fall the situation was might have been better than it had been during the past years (or so I was told during the orientation week). I stumbled across news about students living in tents, and even returning to their home country for the sake of not finding a place to stay. Really, finding accommodation isn’t this hard, but it pays off to be active and start in advance. Use also social media, specially on Facebook you can find a lot of groups to help your home search. Last tip is send a picture with your application. This may help you to stand out from the other candidates.

  1. There is not a plenty of time for traveling

Time flies here, and now in the middle of my exchange studies I feel like I could I have traveled more. Some of the most popular destinations include Lapland, Norway, Denmark and Russia are definitely worth visiting. But instead of making short weekend trips, I chose to spend more time in Sweden. The active student life in Stockholm has a lot to offer – cooking workshops, balls, sittningar, sports…

Copenhagen Tivoli

Copenhagen by night

  1. You should get a person number

If you just can, get a person number. Why? It just simply makes life a heck of a lot easier. I was lazy and just wanted to avoid all the paper work, so I didn’t get it. As I wasn’t able to open a local bank account I needed to pay currency exchange every time I paid my rent or bought something online (these fees naturally vary from bank to bank). Also online shopping wasn’t really an option as it often required a person number. That came as a quite surprise to me, as it is not the case in Finland.

Vanessa Making Meatballs

Super cheap and super easy – ready made meatballs from ICA

  1. You’ll end up spending more money than planned

I used to think Helsinki was expensive, but living here has made me change my mind. As a rule everything here is a little more expensive. And for that matter, Helsinki isn’t really that cheap place to live either. Renting an apartment here is expensive, and you’re very lucky if you find student accommodation. I found housing from a private market and my rent was twice as much than in Helsinki.


Finally snow! – not so dark anymore

  1. Winter depression does really exist

It is cold and dark. I have lived in Finland all my life, and yet still I’m every year as surprised by the coldness. I think this is the main reason everyone seems to wear black here. It is just an reflection of your mood. Some even call this winter depression. Luckily all Swedes are friendly, good take-away coffee is easy to find and last but not least you will be way too busy to notice the coldness. So just pack your warmest clothes and you’ll be fine ;)