2 Months

Yep, I’ve been here for a couple of months now – don’t worry, I’m not gonna make a fuss about it. In fact, if it wasn’t for all the work we’ve been doing at school, I wouldn’t have even noticed it.

As far as life outside school is concerned, I’m still pretty much at the same stage I was when I’d just moved here: my knowledge of the city – read pubs & clubs – is still almost nil, although my mix of Norwegian and Swedish is getting more and more comprehensible for at least half of the Stockholm population.

But I guess that’s just the norm when you move to a new country, as the first month(s) usually tend to be the adapting one(s).

Nevertheless, I did have some true (?) Swedish experiences: for example, we did celebrate what I suppose was the kannelbollar day, which was indeed lovely. To be honest, food as been my best comfort lately, mainly because the cafeteria in our school makes the best chocolate muffins ever – ok, maybe they’re not that special, but they are HUGE and, yeah, I don’t need to get out in the cold to get them.

Not that it’s been that cold yet to be honest, although it did snow a lot – like around 40 cm in a weekend, which is apparently pretty unusual for this time of the year, or for Stockholm in general.

Fun fact: it appears that the municipality of Stockholm applied a “gender-equality” policy in regards to snow removal around the city, which means that pavements and cycle lanes get to be the first to be cleaned from fresh snow. Gotta love the Swedes.

Oh, by the way, I absolutely love Konstfack: yes, it is pretty tiresome at times, and having to do researches on site all the freaking time can drive you mad, but apart from that, I must say I’m learning a lot about co-designing and a variety of different processes and methods. Also, they have a lot of open lectures about a zillion of themes, which usually turn out to be really interesting and inspiring.

And don’t get me started on the after classes initiatives: just to mention one, in a couple of weeks there’s gonna be the so called Julmarknad ( or Christmas market) where students can sell their own designs and products in general – if you happen to come by, I’ll probably be the one greeting you at the entrance and taking care of your coat while you’re around shopping.

Well, I guess that’s all for now, vi sees!