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University College of Music Education

Located in the heart of Stockholm near the green boughs of Humlegården park and the hallowed halls of the National Library, SMI is enveloped by the rhythm of Stockholm and the high-street Östermalm area.

Founded in 1960 by a group of music educators with a passion for innovation, SMI is a unique university college dedicated purely to the education of music and speech teachers.

The institute focuses primarily on degree programmes for teaching children and youth in music and arts schools, as well as in adult education. Known for its spirit, SMI was a ground-breaker for offering programmes specializing in modern popular music genres. It is also the only college in Scandinavia that offers a degree in aesthetic voice and speech pedagogy (Logonomy).

SMI is a mature and dynamic institution, where the majority of students have several years of teaching or other relevant artistic experience behind them. Alongside on-campus studies, practical teaching experience is included in the programmes.

In addition to bachelor and diploma programmes as well as professional development, SMI offers a range of single-study courses for those looking to explore their musicality.

Indeed, one place to explore is the school’s unique “piano park” – boasting an impressive collection of grand pianos, including a number of prestigious Steinways.

Not one to follow the crowd, SMI has also won attention for its unique open lunch-concert examinations. For practical courses, student exams are held in concert format – and the public is welcome to attend and bring their own lunch.