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Stockholm University of the Arts

The Stockholm University of the Arts is a cocktail of creativity born through the merger of three institutions: the University College of Opera, the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts, and DOCH the School of Dance and Circus.

The merger was completed in January 2014, and although brand new, the constellation has worked wonders.

The three schools collaborate under one name, but have retained their autonomy and authority over their respective programmes. Students benefit from the close development of the three, but are still able to choose the path that suits them best.

Today the University is a true active arena for development within the arts, both in practice and research. New frontiers of artistic fantasies are constantly being opened and explored.

Art has no language – making the University one of the most international of schools. When it comes to self-expression and art, freedom reigns.

Many international students and researchers have chosen the Stockholm University of the Arts as their academic home, and in the fields of dance, choreography, circus and opera, there is no language barrier.

The students, researchers, and staff at the Stockholm University of the Arts have a continuous collaboration and dialogue with various cultural institutions and artists throughout Stockholm. The University presents a platform for artistic research as well as practice, and the public is invited to participate through a vast number of public performances and screenings.

The University is spread across multiple sites in the Östermalm district of central Stockholm, including the KTH campus and the school’s main building on Linnégatan, just a few steps from the water’s edge.

Challenging, creative, and cutting edge, the Stockholm University of the Arts is a cultural and educational center for all those seeking a flourishing artistic future.