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What is it like when you´re an international student coming to Stockholm? Stockholm Academic Forum asked students on their way to Stockholm if they could write about it. Here are some really interesting stories about student life before and after landing!


Alessandra Cislaghi

Alessandra Cislaghi is an interior design student from Politecnico di Milano (Polytechnic University of Milan), Italy. She will study at Konstfack, autumn semester -16 and spring semester -17. Alessandra is really passionate about rhythmic gymnastics – and writing, and has her own personal blog at
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2 Months

Yep, I’ve been here for a couple of months now – don’t worry, I’m not gonna make a fuss about…

New experience, old feelings

After months of excitement, struggle, thrill and joy, I finally made it to Stockholm and to Konstfack – an Art,…


Laura Veerman

"Never stop learning. Never stop growing. Life has so much potential, and it's your job to make the most of it!" Laura is a 20-year old exchange student from the Netherlands who is studying Political Science at Stockholm University until January 2016. She blogs about her life as an exchange student. This involves classes, but also making new friends, polishing her nails, organizing events, hopefully not getting lost, getting used to ignoring red lights and much more.
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Time actually does fly!

This House Believes …that debating is awesome! I’ve told you before that I have joined the Stockholm Debate Society, and…

Swedish Culture, Student Associations and a bit of studying

And so my first month as an international exchange student in Stockholm is coming to an end. If I may…

A New Adventure

To be honest, in the weeks leading up to my departure to Sweden, I never felt like I was actually…


Ruka Matsushita

Ruka Matsushita is 20 years old and from Osaka, Japan. He is currently studying International relations at Ritsumeikan University, located in the city of Kyoto. ”I will study abroad at Södertörn University, mainly economics and tourism. I am also interested in religious studies as well. This is my first time to visit Sweden, and first time to live inside EU countries. I love taking pictures and this is one of my reasons why I choose Sweden for my study abroad. Because there are beautiful places and nature to take photo’s of. I would like to use this opportunity to exchange our culture and Swedish culture. I also would like to learn the Swedish way of religion, and compare this between our unique religious cultures.”
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Recent days, winter is coming

Hello. Hej. こんにちは It has been over a month since from my last post. I have finished taking the final…

Getting used to this country and the city

Hello. こんにちは。 Hur står det till? One month has been passed since I moved to Europe, and three weeks have…

Fast train, cultural novelties and Icha Icha

Hello everyone. こんにちは。 This is my second blog, and my first blog after I move to Sweden. I moved to Sweden…

Before going to Sweden

Hello. こんにちは (Means “hello” in Japanese.) I’m Ruka Matsushita from Osaka, Japan. My university in Japan is located at Kyoto,…


Jessica Ngom Kemoum

Jessica is 19 years old and a French-Cameroonian student currently enrolled in a bachelor’s program orientated towards European and African issues in Sciences Po – a school for political and social sciences in France. ”For my third year in this program, my school gives students the opportunity to spend a year abroad while doing and internship or attending university. I chose to spend this year abroad as an Erasmus student in the city of Stockholm, in Sweden ! I will be attending Stockholm university, in the department of Political Science.”
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A glimpse into my journey… so far !

Hey guys !  Let me start this post by wishing you all a Happy New Year ( even though i’m…

Stockholm University

Top image Source : First impressions: The first time I set foot at Stockholm University was two weeks before…

My first month in Stockholm (August-September 2016)

My first month in Stockholm was by far, the most exciting moment of my stay here ( until now )….

African. Passionate. Adventurous.

Hey, nice to meet you!  My name is Jessica, and i’m a 19 years old French-Cameroonian student. I am currently…


Katja Scarry

Katja Scarry is 19 years old and is taking part in the Erasmus program at the Department of Language Education, Stockholm University, starting January 2016. Katja is a graduate of University College KPH WIEN/KREMS, Austria. "I think it is great when you can share experiences with the people you love through telling a story, showing pictures or even a movie."
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Back to the Roots

Dear friends! I have been back in Vienna for three weeks now and have to say that I still haven´t…

Katja in Wonderland

Fellow readers! It has been a while… But I must say I have had the best time ever these past…

Travel diary 2: A Norwegian Fairy- Tale

Hej everyone! After a long brake of writing, I am happy that I have found some time today for a…

Travel diary: Trip to northern Sweden and Lapland

“L” stands for Lapland I have been to Lapland this week! It feels so strange to be back home in…


Efi Sfakianaki

Efi was born in Athens, Greece and is 21 years old. When she's not 10.000 meters up in the sky working as an air hostess, she studies digital systems at the university of Piraeus. "I’m a language lover and I speak Greek as my mother language, fluent English and fluent German. As an air hostess, you can guess that I like to live my life to the edges by traveling around the world… Friends say I'm funny, dedicated, patient and extremely determined to achieve my goals. So, I’m a passionate traveller and a complete perfectionist! Now I'm going to study the spring semester at Stockholm University and I'm very excited about it.”
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Riga? Why not?

Last week I visited Riga, the capital of Latvia. When I booked the tickets, I thought that I made a…

Strange feeling

Almost all my friends have gone to study abroad for one semester. All of them, said that it’s the time…

Let’s get away!

After 3 and a half months being in Stockholm, I thought it was time to travel. So, I booked a…

Stockholm Essentials

Long time no see, my friends. I got a little busy with school but now I’m back- I mean for…


Seoyeong Cho

Seoyeong from Konkuk University in Seoul, South Korea, is studying International Trade. She will be a Södertörn University student this spring 2016! "I've had colorful and beautiful fantasies of Nordic european countries such as Norway or Sweden, and that's why I chose Sweden for my 2016. I hope to see and feel all the things as much as I can during the period, and also want to have "real" swedish experiences!"
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One month in Sweden

I arrived at Arlanda Airport on Saturday just before beginning of new semester. From then, it’s been more than one…

Trip to Estonia

From last Friday to Sunday, I went to Estonia with other exchange students by Ferry and it was my first…

Getting close to the life in Stockholm

The orientation week passed really quickly. We did sightseeing to the downtown, taking lectures about school and Swedish culture, also…

Goodbye Seoul, hello Stockholm!

Goodbye and Hello! Now I’m finally here, Stockholm! On Saturday, 16th January, I took a flight for Arlanda and the…


Nick Doggen

"The upcoming months I will document my preparations of coming to Sweden as well as what I am up to being a student at Södertörns Högskola in Stockholm. I am very much looking forward to all of it!" Nick Doggen is 20 years old and comes from the Netherlands. He studies Political Culture at Maastricht University and is coming to Stockholm as an exchange student.
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Let me start off by telling you what is happening – today is a rainy Wednesday afternoon, I am sitting…

Minus twenty

How far north can one go? December is here and with it come many festivities. Unfortunately I cannot tell you…

Going down south

I turn over another page. My cup of coffee is as good as empty and I strongly consider getting another…

Changing directions/exploring new prospects

In many aspects, I seem to stand on a crossroad. The time in Stockholm that lies ahead of me is…


Denise Lau

"They seldom refer to book knowledge. There is no right or wrong for your idea, just different." Denise is from Hongkong and is studying at Stockholm School of Economics.
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A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

It has been two months since the moment I landed in this beautiful country. New environment, trying to make some new…

Here I am, Stockholm!!!!

Orientation events, networking with others and partiesssss… these basically sum up what did I do in the first week at…

How to pack?

I know that it may be a little bit too early to start packing things for my two years in…

Time to start my pre-departure preparations!!!

After resigning from my work, it is time to start doing some preparations before I come to Stockholm!!!! Based on…