Visas and immigration

Study in Stockholm and discover a wealth of possibilities. But before you hop on the plane, there are a few guidelines concerning visas and immigration you can follow to make the transition to Stockholm as smooth as possible.


The first step before moving to Stockholm for studies is to secure a permit or visa, and here’s how to apply for a residence permit. If you have been accepted to a study programme in Sweden, you will be granted a permit for the length of your studies. You can apply for your permit through the Swedish Migration Board, Migrationsverket.


If you’ll be staying for at least a year, make sure to apply for a personal number (personnummer). It makes life much, much, easier and is required to open a bank account and is useful when carrying out other tasks, such as contacting Swedish authorities. If you’re staying less than a year you can instead apply for a samordningsnummer, which is similar but temporary. Both numbers are assigned by the Swedish Tax Agency, Skatteverket.


After that, it’s time to learn Swedish. Many larger schools offer Swedish classes specifically for their international students. If your institution does not, then courses are also available through community classes such as those at Medborgarskolan and Folkuniversitetet.